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Quantum Capital is a thesis-driven investment firm that invests in cryptocurrencies, tokens, and blockchain companies reshaping trillion-dollar markets. We manage a hedge fund and a venture fund, investing across both public and private markets.

Since founding the firm in May 2017, we’ve developed a reputation for being forward-leaning, independent thinkers. We are known for pioneering token economic models, valuation methodologies, and challenging long-standing assumptions that the crypto ecosystem takes for granted.

Crypto is the first inherently global asset class, and we’ve built our team around the world, with a presence in Austin and New York City.

As a crypto-native fund, we actively participate in networks via staking, keeper operations, liquidations, and more. Moreover, we are intimately familiar with the crypto technology landscape and market structure. We are hands-on investors, and will do everything in our power to maximize the success of our portfolio companies.

Our company has been developing stable cryptocurrency income for 6 years. Today Quantum Capital employees are leaders in the field of IT technologies. They have created a unique robot that generates daily profit and guesses the steps of the Bitcoin value. That is why the Quantum Capitalrobot is able to benefit at any stage of the market: both growth and decline. This development is unique in that it is the first in the world.

Today, we manage long duration capital on behalf of storied venture capital funds, family offices, institutions, and high net worth individuals. That is why they are given the chance to receive a stable income for the rest of their lives. Many people will try to fake it in fraudulent ways after the platform is known around the world. But we assure that only our company Quantum Capitalis unique.

Quantum Capital STATS

Here are online statistics of our company. Competent distribution of investments in the Quantum Capitalrobot allows you to maximize profits at all stages of the market. Gradual development is a guarantee of world recognition in the market. It is important for us to ensure the protection of our investors, as well as the stability and uninterrupted operation of the platform. The Quantum Capital robot is fully automated to operate without user intervention.


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